Harmony Within - Tai Chi Quan for Healing, Workshop 2

Workshop 2: "*Qi - The Flow of Vital Energy"
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Workshop 2: "*Qi - The Flow of Vital Energy"

Energize Your Life: Tai Chi Quan and the Art of *Qi Flow

Immerse yourself in the flowing movements of Tai Chi Quan, unlocking the transformative power of Qi. This workshop focuses on cultivating and directing vital energy to promote healing, balance, and a profound sense of well-being. Dive into the synergy of martial arts, Chinese medicine, and the ancient art of Qigong. *Qi, the vital energy that flows within and around us, takes center stage. Participants will learn how to channel and enhance the flow of Qi through Tai Chi Quan, integrating principles from Chinese medicine and Qigong for a harmonious, energizing experience.

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