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Embark on a transformative journey with SA Health Qigong Association (SAHQA).

Discover how SAHQA’s innovative online courses and comprehensive coach training program redefine well-being, breaking barriers and fostering a vibrant community of Qigong experts. Unlock the secrets to holistic health and join a movement dedicated to empowering individuals through the ancient wisdom of Qigong. Explore the unparalleled benefits of SAHQA’s offerings and embrace a path to physical vitality, mental harmony, and a supportive Qigong community.

Your Trusted Partner for Health Qigong Training.

Transform Your Wellbeing

SAHQA’s Vision: A World Where Qigong Transforms Lives and Enhances Well-being.

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SA Health Qigong Association (SAHQA) is dedicated to empowering individuals through the transformative practice of Health Qigong, focusing on life preservation and holistic wellness with the unique ‘three adjustments in one’ method.

SAHQA’s commitment extends to promoting physical health, emotional balance, and the unity of body and mind, going beyond conventional exercise.

SAHQA offers online courses designed for individuals of all skill levels, providing a dedicated approach to unlocking the secrets of well-being.

The association believes in recognizing and celebrating milestones and awarding merit to those who achieve excellence in their Qigong practice.

SAHQA is more than just an association; it’s a community of like-minded individuals committed to the art of Health Qigong.

Extensive coach training ensures excellence in instruction, guiding individuals on a path toward wellness, tranquility, and the preservation of life.

SAHQA invites individuals to embark on an exciting journey and experience the transformative power of Health Qigong, encouraging them to start their wellness adventure with the association today.

The concept of health and wellness through Health Qigong offers a holistic and cost-effective approach to enhancing physical and mental well-being

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Qigong For All Ages

From Fitness Fanatic to Elderly Enthusiast

Feel free to view the flipbook online or download it for your leisurely reading. Click the download button scroll button below the flipbook image.

Elevating and Sustaining Health Qigong Standards for Lasting Well-being.

Founding Members

Our journey as founding members of our community began with a shared passion for health, fitness, and martial arts. Dr. Jeff Lan, a well-known Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner, holds 9th dan international certification as a martial arts coach and 6th dan technical health qigong coach merit, making an indelible impression on the disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. Amanda Lan, an accomplished businesswoman and creative designer, also holds 7th dan worldwide certification as a martial arts coach and 4th dan technical health qigong coach merit, allowing her to successfully venture into the realms of business and design. “Our strength lies in the depth of our expertise and experience. Over years of unwavering dedication to our disciplines, we’ve earned the respect and trust of our peers in traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, business, and design.” Explore the combined wealth of knowledge and expertise that Dr. Jeff Lan and Amanda Lan offer to our community. Join us on a voyage of self-discovery, skill development, and creative inquiry. Trust in the expertise that has gained the respect of professionals in various fields. Welcome to a community where passion, ability, and experience come together for a holistic approach to health and martial arts.

We celebrate individuality and the incredible potential it has as a team. Our commitment to providing tailored, excellent solutions serves as the core of our work, creating a difference in the lives of our clients.

Dr Jeff Lan President, Amanda Lan Vice President SAHQA, Ms Gao BRICS Head
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Unlock the global potential of holistic well-being with the SA Health Qigong Association – SAHQA, a distinguished affiliate of the International Health Qigong Federation – IHQF, and the Chinese Health Qigong Association – CHQA in Beijing, China. SAHQA serves as the gateway to transformative Qigong practices, seamlessly integrating international expertise into the heart of South Africa. Committed to enhancing well-being, SAHQA offers a comprehensive range of services, including coach training, online courses, merit awarding, and transformative programs. Leveraging our strong ties with IHQF and CHQA, we bring global insights to local practices. Join SAHQA to experience the fusion of international expertise and local dedication, embarking on a holistic journey towards transformation and wellness through the power of Qigong.

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SAHQA’s Transformative Movement: Building Stronger Communities through Qigong

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Unlock Your Potential with SA Health Qigong Membership: Affordable, Inclusive, and Global. Join a Thriving Community in 87 Countries, Train with Accredited Coaches, Delve into Chinese Medicine Theory, and Harness the Power of Qigong. Opt for Flexible Subscription Plans—Monthly or Yearly—Tailored for South African and African Regions. International Subscribers Enjoy Seamless Access to Our Online Courses. Elevate Your Well-being with SA Health Qigong Membership.

Established 2011

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Elevating Coaches to Mastery: SAHQA’s Unique Body-Mind Harmonization Approach.



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