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Elevate your well-being with transformative Health Qigong Practice Events. Join us for interactive experiences, available both in-person and online.

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Training Timeline and Vision

Short-Term Goals: Begin your journey with our introductory courses that cover the basics of Health Qigong, building a strong foundation for your practice.

Mid-Term Milestones: Progress through advanced training modules, gaining deeper insights and practical skills that enhance your personal and professional growth.

Long-Term Vision: Achieve certification as a Health Qigong Coach, empowering you to teach others and contribute to the broader community’s well-being. Our vision is to foster a knowledgeable and supportive community dedicated to holistic health and wellness.

How to Get Started

Enroll in Our Program: View our programs and sign up for the introductory course or workshop.

Join the Community: Connect with fellow learners and experienced coaches through our online platforms and local events.

Achieve Certification: Complete the training modules and practical assessments to become a certified Health Qigong Coach.

Special focus

Upcoming Programs

Unlock the global potential of holistic well-being with SAHQA. Leverage your expertise and leadership to explore the profound dimensions of Health Qigong.

mingmu gong for kids

Eye Health Qigong

Coach: Amanda Lan
7th Dan Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda Coach, 4th Dan Technical Health Qigong Coach

Unlock the power of Eye Health Qigong to combat the modern woes of neck, shoulder, and eye discomfort with our specially designed program. This unique Qigong regimen offers effective relief for common pains associated with prolonged desk jobs and poor posture. Through a series of controlled movements and gentle stretches, participants will enhance blood circulation, ease muscle stiffness, and foster overall relaxation. Our Eye Health Qigong exercises also soothe the nervous system, reduce stress levels, and alleviate symptoms linked to anxiety and depression, further loosening tension in critical areas like the neck and shoulders.

Kids Kung Fu Qigong

Kung Fu Five-Animal Routine

Coach: Amanda Lan
7th Dan Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda Coach, 4th Dan Technical Health Qigong Coach

Unlock the dynamic world of Kung Fu for your young learners with our Kung Fu Five-Animal Routine. Designed to combat the physical and mental strains of long study sessions, this program offers an exciting blend of fitness and fun, perfect for coaches looking to expand their repertoire. This program is an excellent addition for fitness and extracurricular coaches aiming to offer more than just physical training but a holistic educational experience that contributes to both physical fitness and mental health. It’s perfect daily routine for youths and adults seeking a playful approach to fitness.

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Unlock the Art of Health Qigong with our Beginner-Friendly Teacher Programs: Train from Anywhere, Anytime, with 24/7 On-Demand Access. Choose Live In-Person or Online Sessions, Earn Merit, and Certification – Start Your Journey Today!

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